We visit Grace and Shelly’s cupcakes every week for our favorite treats!

Kristi, Naples, FL/ NOV 7, 2011

My family LOVES cupcakes and we’ve tried all the stores here in Naples. Most are pretty good, but my family (and friends) all agree that Gracie & Shelly’s Cupcakes are the Best in town! Keep up the great work, we will be back again soon!!

I consider myself a connoisseur of cupcakes, and these cupcakes are amazing!

Christopher E., Chicago, IL/ OCT 29, 2011

I went in a couple days ago and got the “beach cupcakes” that had the most amazing presentation. My girlfriend loved the way they were decorated with a 3D beach bag, a little yellow bikini and flip flops. Almost too cute to eat. Though, eat I did. Really moist and flavorful. One of the best cupcakes I’ve ever eaten.

Sweet finish to the day!

L0vinFlorida, Bonita Springs, FL/ SEPT 3, 2011

It’s absolutely delicious! Serious cupcake lovers need to visit. We had a turtle cupcake and carrot cake cupcake, both regular size and neither disappointed us. In addition you can get a 12 pack (mini-size) variety pack…”shooters”….great treat to bring to a party or coffee with some friends. Well done Gracies!!

This is the best cupcake shop in Naples!

Erin V., Gainesville, FL/ JUL 8, 2011

So many good flavors to choose from. The cupcakes are always fresh and very moist! Gracie is an absolute sweetheart! I spend a lot of time in NYC and I still have yet to find a cupcake there that is better than a Gracie’s cupcake. I’ve had these cupcakes at several of my parties. She also makes giant cupcakes that are divine. http://www.graceandshellyscupcakes.com/testimonials/I would highly recommend this cupcake shop. Their butterfinger cupcake is my favorite!